Steakhouse Bahnhof - Im Grindel 6

Steakhouse Bahnhof - Im Grindel 6

Untere Bahnhofstrasse 10

8932 Mettmenstetten


Year: 2012

Size of the system: 300

Country: Switzerland

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Steak lovers will definitely fall in love with this extraordinary restaurant in Mettmenstetten, Switzerland. No matter if meat or fish – all dishes are prepared over open fire and glowing embers. The Team behind the steakhouse “Bahnhof” is led by Urs Koffel and has declared its passion for best food, high-quality products and perfect service as most important values. Instead of having a glass of wine to your dish you might as well try the restaurants homemade craft beer, produced by FLECKS brewhouses. Andreas Isoz is responsible for developing outstanding beers in the “Mättmibräu”, as the restaurant calls its brewery. Next to hops and malt, passion and love for brewing are some of the main ingredients that it takes to produce this extraordinary beer. 

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