Heads Beach Brewing Company - Seignosse

Heads Beach Brewing Company - Seignosse

12 - Place des bourdaines



Year: 2015

Size of the system: 300

Country: France

During the summer of 2014, four friends were surfing and fishing off “The Heads”, a popular surfing area located in Victoria, Australia. After a long day on the boat and in the water, thoughts turned to enjoying a cold beer. A debate about quality and taste ensued, followed with the inevitable “If I made beer it would...” assertion. At that point someone mentioned: “Well why don’t we?” and thus the idea of “Heads Beach Brewing Company” was born. Since its launch in May of 2015 the small brewery, situated between wide white sand dunes, with a front row ocean view, has successfully developed four types of beer that can now be enjoyed by everyone who visits this extraordinary location.

HEADS Blonde Ale

HEADS Pilsner

HEADS Red Ale (Redhead)

HEADS Wheatbeer (Blanche)

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