Jerry's Frederikshavn

Jerry's Frederikshavn

Amaliegade 2

9900 Frederikshavn


Telephone: +45 98 42 86 00

Year: 2008

Size of the system: 500

Country: Denmark

“Jerrys” Brewery in Denmark is all about combining good food with even better beer. Located in the town of Frederikshavn, it offers music, events and exceptionally good dishes with three types of homemade Craft Beer, that currently range from a dark Lager to red and pale Ales. The American inspired restaurant and bar also brings a bit of that US vibe into the middle of Denmark, which definitely makes it worth a visit once you happen to be in this part of the country.

Monster “HOP” Spring “IPA”

Pale Ale

Porse Ale

Red Ale

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