Khazar Island

... Baku



Year: 2013

Size of the system: 1000

Country: Azerbaijan

A city from nowhere in the middle if the sea: with "Khazar Islands" Azerbaijan has undertaken an ambitious project. Covering an area of 20 square kilometres - around ten times the size of Berlin's „Tiergarten” park – the artificially produced islands definitely attract attention.
One of the already finished buildings of the ambitious project stands out particularly prominent. The beer club "Stingray" currently houses an impressive 1000 litre FLECKS brewery, where finest craft beer is being brewed amidst the futuristic city. “But what is so special about it?” you may now ask. Well: the brewery building has the shape of a gigantic manta ray, spreading its wings across the bay area, facing the open ocean. Quite an eye-catcher, we think.

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