Schloss Rued / AG

Schloss Rued / AG

Hauptstrasse 26

5044 Schlossrued


Year: 2008

Size of the system: 250

Country: Switzerland

The building that currently hosts a cosy brewery with restaurant was originally built in the early 17th century. It was designed to be a simple barn, but was redone in 1844, when it became a hotel and restaurant. Today you can most likely find the best craft beer of the region in this century old building. Ruedi Schlatter is the brewer behind “Schlossbräu” Craft Beer and manages to perfectly combine traditional values of beer brewing with latest FLECKS brewing technology. Currently two carefully produced Craft Beer types are available: the "Original" and the "Red Grain" Schlossbräu. In addition to indigenous cuisine and homemade beverages, guest are able to attend guided tours through the in-house FLECKS brewery.

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