Sinkoff Private Brewery

  • Year: 2012
  • Size of the system: 300
  • Country: Russian Federation (the)
ул.Суворова д.167
442650 Sura
Russian Federation (the)
Beer bottle

More about this project

There are thousands of types of beer out there and each day more are added to the list. Therefore producing craft beer of highest quality and extraordinary taste has become essential to stand out from the masses. The secret to success for a small private brewery in Sura, located in the Russian Federation, lies in using solely natural ingredients, without applying any additives or preservatives. By following the ancient tradition, the private brewery "Sinkoff" brews its own unique eco-friendly beer on the newest FLECKS brewery equipment and offers four different types of beer, brewed with water from an artesian well, with a depth of 65 metres.