"Santorini Brewing Company" (Flecks Brauhaus 1000 - full automation)

  • Year: 2014
  • Size of the system: 1000 L Vollautomatik
  • Country: Greece
Meso Gonia
847 00 Thira
Beer bottle

yellow donkey

Beer bottle

red donkey

Beer bottle

crazy donkey

Beer bottle

white donkey

Beer bottle

lazy ass

More about this project

Although the current economic climate in Greece remains cold and uncertain, a group of “possibly naive optimists”, as they describe themselves, have opened a new business in Santorini.  A Greek oenologist, a Serbian brewer, an English brewing enthusiast, and an American to round up the multi-cultural group, comprise the ingredients for this successful enterprise that hopes to enliven a heretofore rather lackluster domestic beer-drinking scene. What started in 2011 with a 300 litre FLECKS brewing system, quickly had to be upgraded to a fully automated 1000 litre brewery in 2014, due to increasing customer demands.