• Year: 2008
  • Size of the system: 500
  • Country: Russian Federation (the)
pl. Konstitutsii, 2
196247 St. Petersburg
Russian Federation (the)
Beer bottle

Jagger Kölsch

Beer bottle

Jagger Weizen

More about this project

Want to experience something truly unique? Try visiting club “Jagger” in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This unusual location combines a restaurant, its own brewery and a concert hall, that offers some of the best light and sound installations in town. “Jagger” is distinguished by its daily events, that consist of live concerts and shows with artists from all over the globe. Furthermore the Russian club offers homemade Craft Beer, which is brewed without the use of any additives and currently comes in two types: “Jagger Kölsch” and “Jagger Weizen”.