• Year: 2008
  • Size of the system: 500
  • Country: Russian Federation (the)
Prospekt Mira, 105
236010 Kaliningrad
Russian Federation (the)
Beer bottle

Light Lager

Beer bottle

Red Ale

Beer bottle

Wheat Light

Beer bottle

Black Shout

More about this project

Situated in Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia, the restaurant “Hercules” offers more than just good food and a comfortable atmosphere - you can also find a bit of Austrian technology between green gardens, fancy dining halls and lecture rooms. Four different types of beer are produced here, with the help of a 5 hl FLECKS brewhouse. The offered beers range from red ales, light and black lagers to wheat beers and light wheat beers. It is said that Russians are known to have a weakness for good vodka but it seems they also have a very good taste in beer.