GLAISBEER - Novosibirsk

  • Year: 2015
  • Size of the system: 500
  • Country: Russian Federation (the)
ul. Mira, 63Ак3
630501 Novosibirsk
Russian Federation (the)
Beer bottle

More about this project

Brewed in Novosibirsk in the Russian Federation, GLAISBEER has developed an impressive range of eight different types of beer since its establishment in 2015. The brewery claims to operate under the motto: “Beer is a living organism and can only be called a beer while living. Preservation, filtration and pasteurization kill all necessary and useful components” Therefore GLAISBEER focuses on producing natural beers with sustainable energy and pure ingredients. Brewing beer is easy with modern technology, especially when using concentrate, accelerators, syrups, stabilizers, enzymes and flavourings. Brewing good beer however can only be achieved with passion, knowledge and natural and clean ingredients.