Clinica de bere

  • Year: 2013
  • Size of the system: 1000 semi automation
  • Country: Romania
Str. Ghioceilor 21
300000 Timisoara
Beer bottle

Terapia Gold

Beer bottle

Terapia Platin

Beer bottle

Terapia Rubin

More about this project

Clinica de Bere is a newly established factory in Timisoara, Romania, that produces craft beers exclusively for the local market. In 2016 the brewhouse was upgraded from a 1000 litre System to a 2000 litre brewery, to match the customers growing demand for this particular craft beer. Currently the so called “beer clinic” produces two types of beer: Therapy Platin, an unfiltered white beer and Therapy Gold, which is an unfiltered lager. This brewery offers everything you might also find in a regular medical clinic, such as first aid kits (in form of six-packs), a mobile therapy service (resembling an ambulance that brings beer) and “therapies” (in form of beer – of course). It can be said that the concept behind this brewery is truly unique – and definitely worth a visit.