Christianssand Brygghus

  • Year: 2012
  • Size of the system: 500
  • Country: Norway
Tollbodgata 9
4611 Kristiansand
Beer bottle

More about this project

Did you know that beer is regarded as perhaps the world’s very first cultural drink? According to archaeologists it was already brewed as the very first civilizations arose. When it comes to brewing beer “Christiansand Brygghus” takes history and tradition very seriously. All beers here have a unique character and you will be surprised at how large the variety is. Based on the brewery’s recipes you get real håndverksøl right from their own FLECKS microbrewery. As a small brewery, Christiansand Brygghus is very flexible when developing beers, so you will continuously find new and exciting flavours in the taps. And of course good beer tastes best in combination with good food. Therefore the dining experiences the brewery offers, are in line with the concept of traditional cuisine: great flavours in generous portions.