Brauhaus Marchart

  • Year: 2014
  • Size of the system: 500 full automation
  • Country: Österreich
Greifensteinerstraße 92
3423 St. Andrä
Beer bottle

Hagenthaler Dunkles

Beer bottle

Hagenthaler Gold

Beer bottle

Hagenthaler Hopferl

More about this project

Located in lower Austria the restaurant and brewery „Brauhaus Marchart“, is distinguished by its focus on producing natural beers, without adding any preservatives. The unfiltered beer is naturally cloudy and served directly from the restaurants own FLECKS brewery. Additionally you can enjoy some culinary highlights such as the “Brauhaus burger” (also available for vegetarians) and the homemade cream cheese strudel. The restaurant also allows its guests to take a look “behind the scenes” and experience its operating FLECKS brewery.