Brauhaus Breznik

  • Year: 2007
  • Size of the system: 2x250
  • Country: Austria
10. Oktober Platz 9
9150 Bleiburg
Beer bottle


Beer bottle


Beer bottle

"S' Schwoarze"

More about this project

"Brauhaus Breznik" in Bleiburg, Austria, originates from an ancient stone brewery. What started with the wish to bring back a brewery to the Austrian village - after the last one was shut down in 1991 - finally became reality in 2007. Currently Gerhard Primozic-Breznik is the brewer behind “Breznik” beer and attaches great importance to brewing high quality Craft Beer. Furthermore passion, precision and love for brewing have paid off: two years after the launch of the location it was appointed "Corinthian Brewery of the Year 2009".