Brauhaus Breznik

  • Year: 2007
  • Size of the system: 2x250
  • Country: Austria
10. Oktober Platz 9
9150 Bleiburg



"S' Schwoarze"

More about this project

"Brauhaus Breznik" in Bleiburg, Austria, originates from an ancient stone brewery. What started with the wish to bring back a brewery to the Austrian village - after the last one was shut down in 1991 - finally became reality in 2007. Currently Gerhard Primozic-Breznik is the brewer behind “Breznik” beer and attaches great importance to brewing high quality Craft Beer. Furthermore passion, precision and love for brewing have paid off: two years after the launch of the location it was appointed "Corinthian Brewery of the Year 2009".