"Bier Fabriek Rokin 75"

  • Year: 2011
  • Size of the system: 300
  • Country: Netherlands (the)
Rokin 75
1012KL Amsterdam
Netherlands (the)
Beer bottle


Beer bottle


Beer bottle


More about this project

The restaurant chain “Bierfabriek” with its location in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, is known for its carefully complied menu. Most of the products are 100 percent organic. Therefore when visiting this place, we recommend trying the house specialty: charcoal grilled free range chicken. Additionally the restaurant also offers three kinds of homemade craft beer, produced by a 300 litre FLECKS system. The BIERFABRIEK focuses on brewing special beers in small quantities. PUUR is an unfiltered and unpasteurized pilsner and thus richer in flavour than most of its kind. The ruby red ROSSO is a smooth and malty beer, characterized by some sweetness. NERO is a dark beer Porter that is made from a blend of 5 different malts. The end result is a dark, but not yet black, beer with a little bite.