Brewery Configurator

Flecks Configurator

Put together your own
individual brewery in 7 steps

and calculate the approx. profitability!


The annual capacity of the plant is to be dimensioned on the basis of possible sales and future increases in the next 2-3 years.

Tip: it is always possible to increase the capacity at a later date.


2 possible automation variants:



+ with low personnel cost

+ lower investment cost

- higher expenditure of time and effort


fully automatic:

+ lower working hours and workload

+ Capacity reserve (double capacity)

+ Quality assurance

+ Supports the brewer in brewing and fermenting

+ higher profitability

- slightly higher investment cost


Full automation supports the brewer and is therefore more economical. More than 90% of our customers choose full automation. Semi-automation, on the other hand, requires significantly more time and work.


Tip: a subsequent automation from semi to fully automatic is always possible.




You must first decide on one of the two variants: brewpub or production plant


1. Brew Pub from the tank straight to the bar


2. Production system for filling into a container (bottle / KEG)

Bottling needs a bottle filling system

KEG requires a KEG cleaning and filling machine

Cans require a more complex filling system


Tip: Of course, any type of bottling is possible with a brewery with additional investments.

Recommendation: taxes (VAT, alcohol) must be deducted for a realistic price


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