Feasibility Calculator

Feasibility Calculator


The following calculation gives an example of how to determine production costs and efficiency of your brewery:

When additionally buying beer would cost you 2 euros per litre and the own production costs about 0,50 euros per litre, your own value added would equal 1,50 euros per litre beer.

The deprecation of our FLECKS breweries usually occurs over a period of seven years. The brewhouses usually become profitable after about two to three years in operation. 


Download Feasibility beer in 0,33 L bottles

Download Feasibility beer in 30 L Petainers

Download Feasibility drafting in own PUB


Consumers are likely to spend more money on authentic craft beers, brewed by microbreweries rather than on mass-produced goods, due to the fact that the former is often stronger in taste and better in terms of aesthetic and uniqueness. However the aspect that is usually valued the most, is that the beer is homemade.

Furthermore brewing your own beer can have economic benefits such as increasing sales revenues by 30 to 50 percent. A well-presented microbrewery in a restaurant or pub will most definitely increase the number guests visiting.

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