Flecks Brewery Equipment online Pricelist

Plan your Brew Pub – project:
What size the brewing plant ( brewhouse , fermenting room )?
What are realistic investment?
How much space is required?

Configurate your own brewery with the help of this price list:

  • Module 1: Brewhouse, semi- or full automation brewhouse in stainless, malt mill, e-heating

  • Module 2: fermenting/storage, semi- or full automation beer tanks, cooling system, controls

  • Module 3: Installation & Startup planning, pre-istallation, training, beer recipes

  • Module 4: Optionals Copper cladding, other heating system etc..

  • Module 5: Tools CIP / KEG / Bottle filling / Hop gun / yeast propagation / flash pasteurizer / thick-mash mixer - Systems 

MODULES 1+2+3+4+5 are resulting in a complete brewery incl. cost

How to use this construction kit = price list for our smallest brewery? …i.e. 3 HL Brewhouse + fermenting/storage tanks for 45.000 litres of beer/year

please select from the price list:

Module 1:
Brewhouse - Brauhaus 300
85.000 EUR+
Module 2:
fermenting/storage cellar for 30.000 l/y PILS/LAGER or upto 60.000 l/y ales, stout, wheat – or in average 45.000 l/y or450 HL/y)
50.000 EUR+
Module 3:
Service package (installation, training, beer recipes)
22.000 EUR+
Module 4:
Select only what you think you will require, in this case none
0 EUR+
Module 5:
Select only what you think you will require, in this case none
0 EUR+
A complete microbrewery BRAUHAUS 300, incl.
electr. heating & cooling.(not considering any optional components)
Sum, only 157.000 EUR

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