Starting a beer company: Which approvals are necessary?

Starting a beer company isn't as complicated as you might think. Today's microbrewery projects are normally handled professionally by authorities, with a positive approach in most countries.

For detailed information, please get in touch with your town's mayor's office.
In any case a written application to the local authorities of your hometown will be necessary. Usually this process is followed by discussions about technical, environmental, safety and hygienic standards, as well as tax questions.
We from FLECKS brewing systems will support you during this process as far as possible.

Later on it will be necessary to:

  • Produce brewing protocols continuously - no problem with our "Brewmanager" software 
  • Arrange safety checks by a local technical security company
  • Have the beer tested in an authorized food lab
  • Pay the imposed taxes (i.e. beer tax or alcohol tax in most countries)