Craft brewery: beer recipes

With the help of our beer recipes you are capable of brewing almost any kind of beer. However it is not possible to create exact copies of existing beers. However this is anyway not the reason to start a craft brewery. A pub or craft brewery intends to create and produce its own unique taste, adapted to the customer's wishes.

With growing experience you will be able to create your own beers and recipes without having to stick to ours.

Unfiltered beers can be stored for a few months. With course filtering under pressure and a flash pasterizing unit ( heating only for seconds ) the stability can be prolonged up to 1 year. Even more you will need this for low alcohol beers, shandy or ciders.

The usual alcohol content of four to five percent or more is an additional safety to guarantee a good storability.

Non-alcoholic beers can be produced now with our brewing systems in a feasible way.