Non-alcoholic drinks by Flecks brewery technologies. Semi- and FULL Automation.
Brewery  equipment  for brewing and fermenting non-alcoholic drinks is available in the following designs:

Traditional microbrewery in Copper ( 300-1500 L)

Most popular design in Copper/Brass/ Stainless

Semi-industrial brewery ( 1000 – 5000 L/brew)

Flecks HELIX – tower brewery ( most modern )


Besides its normal recipes for Lager, Pils, Wheat, Stout, Ales, IPA ….Flecks is offering technologies for the production of non-alcoholic ( less than 0,5%)  and alcohol-free (0%)  versions of them.

Good arguments for non-alcoholic drinks:
Increasing  demand worldwide, search for healthier alternatives, there is a   Zero (0%)  tolerance in many countries.

We have the solution: attractive brewery equipment, safe processes and recipes for non-alcoholic drinks: optimal extraction of tasteful malt drinks, fermenting with non-alcoholic yeast or lactic acid cultures. We are building Carbonizers and Flash Pasteurizers for carbonized drinks. FLECKS offers automatic CIP ( cleaning in plant) and  highest degree of automation for safe production quality and low personal cost.

Finally we are having recipes for:

  • Non-alcoholic beers like Lager, Pils, Wheat, Stout, Ales, IPA
  • Non-alcoholic malt drinks, i.e. coffee beer and various mixed drinks
  • Non-alcoholic cider, kvass and more

We see a big future for nice brewpubs for non-alcoholic craftbeer also in many Islamic countries.