Beer production: How often and how much is being brewed?

SEMI AUTOMATION: Completing one brew during the beer production process takes about 6-8 hours, therefore up to three brews per day (divided into three shifts) would be possible. In case of high labour cost you should consider getting a larger brewhouse capacity to brew two to four times a week in larger quantities.

In a country with lower labour cost brewing up to six times per week in two shifts is possible.

FULL AUTOMATION is a much better possibility to use a maximum of the installed capacity. i.e. 1 brew during daytime + 1 brew during night ( without personal being present)  gives you already double capacity.

To get an orientation about the amount of beer you could produce, there is an easy calculation: quantity per week = number of brews/week x brewhouse capacity. 

Of course the produced amount of beer depends on the number of available fermenting/storage tanks. Please note, that bottom fermented beers (i.e. lager or Pilsner) need to stay in tanks for about four weeks before being sold, which means reduction of annual capacity, whereas most top fermented beers (i.e. ales, stout, or wheat beers) only require something like half of this time.

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