With FLECKS brewing equipment, a large number of craft beers can be brewed in a wide variety of flavors:

  • Bottom-fermented lager beers,
  • Top-fermented ales stouts wheat
  • Special beers (coffee, gin, ..

Outstanding beers

Our contribution to upscale beer culture. Automatic brewing and controlled fermentation guidance guarantee the highest quality.

mashing system

Our full-bodied craft beers are the result of the unique FLECKS mash technology.

Great flexibility in brewing for traditional and modern brewing processes, enable a high variety of types, regional variations, creative beer styles and above all healthy, aromatic, natural / organic and yeast-cloudy beer.


With the unique FLECKS beer recipes, we have implemented a large number of standard and special beers for our customers.

Worldwide, around five million liters of craft beer are currently produced annually with the FLECKS brewing systems.

FLECKS brewing ­technology

Innovation for highest beer quality and easy operation

3 mashing processes are available with FLECKS brewery systems:


  1. Pure Infusion for easy drinkable pale lager
  2. Infusion/Calandria system for outstanding Pilsner and ales beers
  3. Decoction for beers especially rich in taste and colour.

Brewing of beer
The brewing process according to the German purity law (Deutsches Reinheitsgebo ) from year 1516:

01 1. Water + malt + hops + heating energy = wort

Within the brewery best brewing water and light/dark barley malt or wheat malt are being mashed, heated in several steps and finally purified.

The result of this process is sugary wort which is then cooked with bitter and aroma hops. The brew is done after about seven to eight hours.

02 2. Wort + yeast + cooling energy = beer

Within the fermentation tank, cooled wort is mixed with top-fermented and bottom-fermented yeast which then leads to the sugar being transformed to alcohol and carbonic acid.

The typical beer aroma forms during maturation at about six degrees under pressure. Your beer is ready for consumption after three to four weeks. It can also be filtrated if needed.

FLECKS Highlights

Innovation for the highest beer quality and easy operation.

FLECKS external mash boiler system with overheated hot water.

This system enables a heating of mash without causing any burns. Furthermore the external system ensures a constant temperature of 104°C within the boiler.

Solar and hybrid heating

In order to prevent investment costs for expensive power connections we have developed a solution that combines several sources of energy to enable a highly efficient overall energy use. The process allows us to work with several environmentally friendly sources of energy such as solar power, geothermal energy, distinct and local heat.

Flecks Mixer

With the help of a patented, non-rotating, lifting and mixing system maximum efficiency is achieved: FLECKS Mixer


High end brewing systems

Our fully automated concept, which is based on an industry-proven measuring and data acquisition system, is one of the most modern of its kind worldwide.

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Fleck's success story in numbers:


Successful examples of
outstanding beers are:


Goto project


Goto project


Goto project
New Brewery - Nordwand Grindelwald
Das Rote: (Pale Ale) Das Rote: (Pale Ale)
Das Gelbe: (Naturtrüb hell) as Gelbe: (Naturtrüb hell)
Das Schwarze: (Thomahawk Ale) Das Schwarze: (Thomahawk Ale)