Flecks "Braumanger" hardware and software in 2 possible automation variants:


Brewing process control based on programmable thermostats + PC visualization, programmed by FLECKS


SEMI automation with partial auto control

Lower cost

More work

More responsibility


• Save and call up 100 recipes
• mashing, temperature steps
• fermentation recipe temperature control
• 50% ONLINE access for brewer
• 50% ONLINE assistance by FLECKS


Central, integrated brewing process control system, SCADA, based on SIMATIC, Siemens industrial control programmed by FLECKS


Fully automated for highest feasibility brewing

maximum quality control, minimum manpower double capacity


• Save and call up 100 recipes
• Mashing-in, weighing control
• mashing, temperature steps
• filtering/ lautering
• boiling wort
• adding hops
• wort cooling
• wort aeration
• sampling
• pumping over in fermentation and storage tanks
• fermentation recipe temperature control
• fermentation recipe Auto-pressure control
• Alarm messages via phone
• Brewing logs
• Online monitoring / protocols
• man-less brewing over night
• brewhouse cleaning CIP
• with CIPX3 system, tanks cleaning
• ONLINE access for brewer
• ONLINE assistance by FLECKS

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