Flecks "Braumanger" hardware and software in 2 possible automation variants:

AUTOMATION up to 50%

Brewing process control based on programmable thermostats + PC, programmed by FLECKS

SEMI automation with partial and manual control

programmable thermostat control, PC visualization

• Brew in 17 steps
• Save and call up recipes
• Litigation for the brewer
• Automatic mash programs
• Automatic cooking
•   fermentation over 21 days (temperature only)
• Online monitoring / service
• All other steps are manual

AUTOMATION up to 100%

Central, integrated brewing process control system based on SIMATIC, Siemens industrial control S 7 + PC, programmed by FLECKS

Fully automated for man-free brewing from A-Z

and maximum quality control, minimum manpower requirements

SCADA industrial control (Siemens hardware)

• Save and call up recipes
• Mashing
• mashing
• purification
• cooking
• hops
• Cool the wort
• Aerate wort
• sampling
• pumping over in fermentation and storage tanks
• fermentation over 21 days (temperature & pressure)
• Error messages via SMS
• Brewing logs

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