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We manufacture and supply brewhouse sizes from 300-5.000 litres beer per brew. Both for brewpubs/restaurants and craft breweries/beer production only. FLECKS Brewery systems are turn-key and consist of malt mill, heating, controlls, installation, training and beer recipes. With FLECKS brewhouse technology (calandria system) you are able to produce outstanding full-bodied beers. Beginners will find it easy to brew with this fairly automated equipment. You can be sure of FLECKS online assistence and expansion support for your growing business.


A FLECKS BRAUHAUS will be recognized at first glance:

  • 3-4 vessels
  • transparent presentation of brewing technic (piping, valves, motores, pumps)  in attractive design
  • flexible arrangements  – each brewery we build is a unique one

FLECKS own calandria mashing system based on super heated hotwater (104°C)

semi-automatic brewing
  • affordable brewing system: easily operated plus quality assurance
  • brewing software for beginners
  • perfect degree of standard automation
full-automatic brewing
  • professional PLC-Automation/SIMATIC, S7
  • FLECKS Braumanager brewing software
  • money and time saving, capcity encreasing
  • quality safty
brewery capacities


  • BH 300 (3 HL)
  • BH 500 (5 HL)


professional middle sized

  • BH 1000 (10 HL)
  • BH 1500 (15 HL)


high capacity craft brewery

  • BH 2000 (20 HL)
  • BH 4000 (40 HL)

FLECKS brewhouses consist of:

  • 1 mash tun = brew cettle = whirlpool
  • 1 lauter tun
  • 1 calandria/external heat exchanger, no steam needed
  • 1 hot liquor tank
  • worth cooler /plate heat exchanger, 2-steps
  • cleaning: internal CIP
  • piping
  • control panel
  • central control cabinet
  • mash- and hotwater pumps
  • malt mill


Completly equipped fermenting and storage tanks, with cooling jackets, insulations, different designs (UNI tanks, CCT, horizontal tanks, BBT, cerving tanks, ...) cooling system, automation of temperature and pressure.

Each FLECKS fermenting and storage tank is compleatly manufactured from stainless steel, operable upto 3 bar pressure, CE certificate, PU-insulation, cooling jackets, cleaning nossels safty unit. All tanks can be operated individually for differnt beers.


FLECKS offers two fermenting systems:

  • One-tank system: CCT (cylindroconical tanks) /tank sizes from 10 HL to 100 HL
  • Traditional two-tank-combination: pressureless primary fermenting tank + horizontal secondary and storage tanks


We have twoe kinds of controls

  • Semi-automation : temperature controll for each tank according to fermenting recipe
  • Full-automation : temperature controll + pressure controll for each tank, programmed recipe


  • Ice water/Glycol-cooling systems with buffer tank from 300-650 l
  • Ice builder, staring from 1000 kg ice

vertical, pressureless

  • 700 litre
  • 1400 litre
  • 2400 litre


storage tank
horizontal, up to 3 bar

  • 650 litres
  • 1100 litres
  • 2200 litres


CCT (cylindroconical)
vertical, 60° conus, 2 cooling zones

  • 1300 litres (13 HL) 1x mannhole
  • 2500 litres (25 HL) 1x mannhole
  • 5000 litres (50 HL) 2x mannhole
  • 10000 litres (100 HL) 2x mannhole


beer serving tank
horizontal, upto 3 bar, inliner operation

  • 650 litres 
  • 1100 litres


FLECKS offers lot of additional equipment to supplement beer production:


  • hybrid heating system 
  • upgrade from semi to full automation
  • automatic milling and mash-in
  • spent grain pump
  • bottle filler
  • KEG-cleaning and filling
  • automatic CIP plant
  • yeast propagation system
  • pasteurization unit

Accessories for brewing

Integration of alternative heating methods
Technical integration of hot water from an existing buffer tank which can be heated by solar, wood-pellets/chips, district-heating,  Fernwärme, geothermal energy, gas/oil, in combination with electrical heating - targets: minimizing energy costs + maximizing sustainability.

Upgrade to full automation
Each FLECKS brew plant originally installed in semi automation can be easyily upgraded to full automation in order to save time and money, increase comfort and capacity, secure quality to a maxium extent.

Automatic mash-in
Such a system consists of a malt hopper, malt mill, spiral conveyor, transport pipe and a feeding valve into brew kettle.

Spent grain pump
Comfortable removal of spent grain from lauter tun to a transport container.

Bottle filler
Small semi automatic bottle filler system with counter pressure with 4 or 8 heads. Suitable for 100 to 200 bottles per hour.

Automatic cleaning of barrels (5-50 litres) with water, air, hot chemical cleaning agent and CO2, ready for filling. 12-15 KEGs per hour.

Automatic CIP-system
Fully automatic system for cleaning all beer tanks, consisting of 2 chamber of 300 litres for 2 chemical solutions, 2 pumps and integration brewery's full automation.

Yeast Propagation
Semi automatic plant for brewing yeast propagation and storing. Consists of heating, cooling, pressure control, sterile aeration, 99 litres.

Pasteurization unit
Semi automatic plant to pasteurize beer before bottling/kegging. 500 litres per hour.

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