We build your brewery!

FLECKS BRAUHAUS TECHNIK Austria provides semi and fully automatic beer brewing equipment worldwide. Including installation, training, beer recipes.

Full-automatic Brewery
Full-automatic Brewery

Full automatic brewing. Remote control.
Man-less operation & double capacity
Hybrid heating system (electrical, gas or solar )
Highest comfort brewing
Absolute quality safety

Semi-automatic Brewery
Semi-automatic Brewery

Semi-automatic brewing.
Including brewery installation, training, beer recipes.
With Flecks famous calandria brewing process,
Less high-tech elements
Less automation: more manpower required.
Typically handcrafted beers ...

Crafting beers to perfection. For those who want to produce beer at highest quality & reliability

Made in Austria/ components from EU only!

Sport Rock

Latest projects

Sport Rock

Willisau, Switzerland, 2020

Outstanding beers by calandria technology - unique solar heating system - unmatched degree of automation.

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